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Salt Flat Special

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The Salt Flat Special was built on a Softail Heritage. The bike is another example of Neil Seftons (SS&C custom specialist) fascination with motorcycle history and the art of metal fabrication.

The Sportster peanut tank on the bigger chassis allows more of the frame to be exposed. The leaf sprung solo seat is one of the many little touches that would be used on the later models from the Speed Shop, like the Flatliner and the Gentleman 39. Rear Semaphore indicators were a touch of class and originality. The paint pallet chosen was one to reflect bikes of a classic era.

The Salt Flat Special is now in its third phase of evolution, similar to the “Strike True Trilogy”. The Speed Shop looks to continually push the barriers of custom bike building and not rest on its laurels. It is these bikes that have been a major influence and the motivation for the Martini Limited edition and the Paris Scrambler.