About this build.

What bike do you build for a guy who loves Jesse Rooke’s simple builds from the States! A sports bike background and just wants an updated Bar Hooper styled bike? The answer……….build a Sportster with the Shaw Speed & Customs team.

The XL21 was based on a 2008 sportster low. The skinny look was a conscious break away from the traditional phat Harley look. A bike built by the Argentinian Lucas Layum from Lucky Custom was the inspiration behind this build.

A set of Performance machined wheels were commissioned for this project, both 21 inches in size. The bikes skinny look was continued with the use of the smaller 48 gas tank. Clip on bars and speedo housing courtesy of Roland sands Design finish this compact look.

The custom paint with a back to the metal look incorporates some vibrant pin striping and neon numbers. The bikes ride-ability and simple looks excided the client’s expectations and the bike has gone on to win several custom bike shows in modified Harley-Davidson class.

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