About this build.

The Whiteline was built with an urban street style in mind, featuring RSD’s Mission wheels; running a 23-inch front wheel and 18-inch rear with a 200mm cross section width. The bike still retains its usability whilst having an eye-catching stance.

The extremely flexible Harley-Davidson Blackline, was used for this build. The team began the custom process by lowering the Blackline’s front and rear suspension. The original fuel tank has been adapted to house the speedo and has produced a clean line that runs the length of the bike, its short RSD rear fender, with incorporated seat.

The front end has also been lowered with titanium nitrated inner fork legs and finished with powder coated lower forks. The short Stack RSD bars and new risers on SS&C’s modified top fork yoke, gives the front end an outlined look. The twin-mounted headlights finish the Whiteline’s front end perfectly.

A signature SS&C oil tank has been fitted with braided oil lines to give a retro feel and show off the V-Twins beauty. The Mission style air filter adds to both design and function to the bike.

The Whiteline is another example to how flexible the softail family is for customisation.

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