About this build.

The Vintage was one Shaw Speeds early builds and one of the bikes that started the successful relationship we have with Roland Sands.

Roland Sands first visited the Speed Shop in 2007 and was one of the key reasons why Shaw Harley-Davidson decided to start the Speed Shop.

The Vintage bike was built from the parts available from the RSD stable. Based on a Springer Softail, the team went about stripping and rebuilding the bike using bolt on parts from Roland. These parts include the 240mm rear fender, Vintage Gas tank with tunnel, Vintage seat and seat pan.

The headlight was relocated, Judge wheels, sprocket and rotors in contrast cut add to the signature oil tank design and copper lines, which give this bike a traditional theme with a twist.

The bikes popularity started the growth of the Shaw Speed & Custom’s brand; the bike was a success in the UK and US. Since this bike Shaw Speed have become one RSD’s main parts resellers.

The vintage has been the starting point for a number of cruisers in the Speed Shop portfolio.

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