About this build.

The Pop Art Sportster was a bike built off the back of a campaign that Shaw Harley-Davidson rolled out to attract a new and young audience into the world of Harley-Davidson.

The campaign started with a Youth Ambassador “Polly” who represented the Dealership and rode her Harley to festivals and events where the audience would not usually see a young girl riding a Harley.

The Pop Art bike was one of the first successes of this campaign; a young DJ living in Brighton saw the exciting chance to have and own a Harley-Davidson personalised to his choice of paint, wheel and stance.

One of the main attractions to this campaign was budget. Shaw HD went out and bought some affordable pre-owned Sportster models, which were perfect donor bikes, and therefore a more affordable way to ride. The Pop Art name comes form the art style used for the paintwork, with Liechtenstein being the big influence.

To this day the Dealership still runs the same philosophy of finding a bike to fit the customer and making sure their budget creates a bike that is unique and fits their personality.

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