About this build.

The Old Crow is another story of how versatile Harley-Davidson motorcycles are in the world of customisation. The project came about after the client seeing a number of Shaw Speed and Custom builds in motorbike magazines. The passion for the bike was of course driven by the client’s love of the P51 Mustang from World War II. This theming was key to the project hitting our client’s expectations.

Details included exact paint match to the military green of the Mustang. The wheels were custom built to represent the propeller blades of the plane. The yellow inlays on every spoke, are the finishing touch to the propeller theme.

The machined headlight which houses the speedo again adds to the aircraft look. A tailor made exhaust system was built to replicate the exhaust ports of the P51. The bike is powered by a Harley-Davidson Screamin Eagle 110 cubic inch, 1800cc and runs a six-speed transmission.

From Sportsters to Tourers, each bike has the opportunity for its owner to make it their own. Whether to add some off the shelf parts or have the full works like Old Crow, Shaw Speed & Custom have the vision.

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