About this build.

Our Mission…to build a bike, the brief, the bike needs to look “Badass”, as stated by the customer. Range Rover meets Harley-Davidson was the starting point. The bike needed to be built in 8 weeks, the Team accepted this mission.

Mission Impossible gained its name on the back of one of the short build time, 8 weeks, one of the shortest lead time the Team had ever taken on.

The donor bike chosen for this build was a Rocker C, one of the main reasons for this is because the standard frame has the space to accommodate a 300mm rear wheel to be fitted and suited the big back end look.

A Rick’s rear end was ordered from Germany and ran a double belt pulley system so that rear end could still run in line without a huge offset. Roland Sands Slam Black Ops wheels were chosen and complimented with anodised parts including Performance machine calipers, master cylinders and switchgear.

The front end was replaced with a full Harley-Davidson VROD Muscle kit, the shocks were painted in red to add to the Black and red theming. The V-Rod theme was continued with the headlight and the race feel of the bike was added to with clip on bars, which are slightly wider to give a Beach bar feel. Other details include anodised engine cases, fully rebuilt 1800cc motor, hand tailored seat, and an original paint scheme by Image Design Custom.

The paintwork was designed to look mean and a New York artist who carves awesome designs into leather inspired the customer. Tom Fuller from Image Design Custom does the majority of the Speed Shops. Tom started this paint job by building up layers of paint before taking a scalpel and carved the paint away to reveal the coloured under layers. The results were stunning and really only truly appreciated in the flesh.

The bike has gone on to win two big Custom competitions on the Isle of Man, the hometown of the new and happy owner.

Mission Impossible………Mission Accomplished!

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