About this build.

Good Vibrations was built for a client who had been inspired by the Euro Custom scene; this can be seen in the look, paint and posture of the bike.

The original 19-inch front wheel was replaced with a Contrast Cut PM 21-inch Judge wheel. The original rear wheel was kept but reworked, powder coated with a pair of Mooneyes discs to create the solid look. This was the perfect compliment to the Judge rotor and sprocket.

The Speed Shop’s handmade rear fender reconstructs the whole backend of the bike and creates a polished housing for the 240-rear tyre. The reworked RSD seat was fitted with a new battery cover and lifters. Details like the redesigned centre console compliment the shape of the tank.
Anodised PM forward controls and engine covers add to the already striking paint job. The bike definitely makes a statement and this has a lot to do with our friends at Image Design Custom for their paintwork.

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