About this build.

This motorcycle started life as a 2019 FXDR. In it’s factory form Harley-Davidson claims that “the FXDR is built to move you in ways no other Harley-Davidson motorcycle has before.” We took their idea and ran with it.

We fitted a 117 Cubic inch big bore kit, combined with a Stage IV kit, which includes CNC Ported heads, with High Performance valves, high lift cams, a larger throttle body, and larger fuel injectors. We replaced the drag inspired plastic air cleaner with a much smaller Screamin’ Eagle air Cleaner, which served to show off more of the iconic Milwaukee Eight engine and give the build nice minimalist lines. The Exhaust system was fabricated in house, the customer chose the Yoshimura muffler and stipulated the position he wanted it to occupy, then headers were designed to achieve the desired flow in keeping with the aesthetic goals of the build.

Further to this, the clip on handlebars were replaced with a set of risers and a drag bar, in order to achieve both the desired lines of the motorcycle and the riding position the customer had envisaged. The rear light array of the motorcycle was removed, and smaller turn signals with integrated running and brake lights were concealed under the tail unit, where they can fulfill their function without detracting from the style of the motorcycle. The Number plate was mounted from the rear axle in order to open up the back end and show off more of the rear tyre, achieving the drag race-inspired look Harley Davidson pursued with this motorcycle.

The FXDR was custom painted by Image Design custom, in order to achieve and understated yet eye-catching finish. The meticulous attention to detail in the paint work mirrors the attention to detail that went into building the motorcycle, and the end result is a breathtaking custom bike which pushes the boundaries of what people imagine a Harley-Davidson to be.

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