About this build.

Steve Willis, Team Principal of Shaw Speed & Custom describes the 120RR as the “Rolls Royce Phantom of motorcycles”.

The 120RR was built for a client in Milan who Steve Willis met at the EICMA show. The client wanted a bike personally built for him; the brief was a cruiser with class and one where every detail had been considered. The client’s inspiration was SS&C’s “Softail Slim” and “Mission Impossible” bikes.

A huge amount of time was spent on this build, which was taken right back to the bare frame. Performance Machine parts include the Phatail conversion kit, brake calipers and Heathen wheels with Bespoke a finish.

The bike has a completely new front end with fabrication to the frame to mount the new lighting setup. Performance Machine and Roland Sands influences can be seen all over the bike and including the master cylinder, switchgear, forward controls, air breather, and engine covers that enclose the huge 120 cubic inch motor.

The Team enjoyed the 120RR build, every angle was covered and every part considered. Individual frame spacers were turned and machined in-house to maintain the industrious work and continue the flow of the bike.

The specially made speedo that was built to sit inside the tank has become a popular addition for some of Shaw Speeds signature builds.

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