Fuel Desert Race Enduro Jersey


The Desert Race is a “run what ya brung”, grassroots race series from the west coast of the United States.

Offering a something-for-everyone race schedule, it embraces the off-road racing scene by doing away with restrictive rules and fees. Whether you’re a first-time dirt rider, a seasoned Dakar racer, or simply want to experience the sights, smells and sounds of racing, the Desert Race welcomes you.

Fuel Motorcycles love events that cultivate an inclusive motorcycle community. To help the Desert Race continue to grow, Fuel Motorcycles became an official sponsor. And to commemorate Fuel’s involvement in the series, they have developed the Desert Race riding gear collection.

The Enduro jersey is the official Fuel Motorcycle team jersey from the Desert Race series. Inspired by vintage enduro jerseys, it was designed for aggressive riders and tested in the toughest conditions.

All Fuel jerseys are made using High IQ Cool Comfort technology. This allows riders to remain comfortable in a wide range of conditions and temperatures.

Get an unfair advantage out on the track and do it in style wearing the Fuel Desert Race Enduro Jersey.


  • Made from Moisture-wicking
  • Transports moisture away from the body and accelerates evaporation
  • Cooling Mesh vent panels in high-sweat areas
  • Stains resistant and designed to last a lifetime
  • Chest: Soft polyester dimple mesh
  • Sleeves: Heavy-duty durable mesh

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