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The Gentleman 39 was a motorcycle that like the Martini Scramblers was built purely for the Speed Shop as an example of their creativity and what can be created with the Softail chassis. The bike is based on a new Harley-Davidson Blackline, the team wanted to build a super special bike that would have elements of the 1930s/40s with todays build quality.

Neil Sefton the Speed Shops Head Customiser, knew exactly what he wanted to achieve with the Gentleman 39, even before the bike was placed on the bench. The bike draws influences from early retro motorcycles that the Speed Shop has previously built. As always the Team wanted to push the boundaries of bike building and not replicate other builds. This can be clearly seen in the Gentleman 39.

The Gentleman shares its DNA with the Salt Flat and Flatliner. As with the Flatliner the Gentleman 39 has had its tank heavily modified, the tank sits low with its underside cut out revealing the Knuckle style Rocker covers to the full.

The detail in the Rockers and paint scheme was all carefully selected to give this bike a vintage presence. The cream paint pallet was chosen for it Bakelite qualities, first developed in early 1900 in New York. This and its Art Deco artwork give the bike a feeling of nostalgia. Other classic details include the leaf sprung solo seat, signature oil tank and 16-inch front and rear wheels with retro Firestone tyres.

The motorcycle was stripped down to the frame and then stripped by hand of all paint. The bike was then re-welded in all areas to add colour and interest. The frame was then clear powder coated to show off the craftsmanship of the build and the rainbow effect of the re-welding.

Attention to detail and finesse of the build are what the Speed Shop are all about. The G39 is the epitome of this.