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The Flatliner, one of Shaw Speed and Custom’s latest builds, is the perfect advert for what the team creates. The Flatliner was a refurbishment project for an existing customer; the bike is a 2006 Softail Heritage. Showing signs of age and neglect, the owner had decided to give the team free reign to give the bike a complete overhaul.

The 1940’s and Neil Sefton’s “Salt Flat Special” were the main inspiration behind this build, it was styling in particular that had always impressed the client. After the stripping of every last nut and bolt, the frame was cleaned and smoothed. The rear fender rails were chopped and refinished. The short rear fender with incorporated number board, gives an historic racing feel.

The Sportster 1200 tank had both sides cut out and replaced with flat panels. Vents were then added to finish the look. The seat, which was originally a Roland Sands seat pan, was modified to fit onto a Bentley leaf spring and re-covered to give that authentic look in the vintage brown leather.

The Goodridge oil lines with anodised unions add a twist of modern that the team likes to have running through their bikes. Rocker tops and timer covers from RSD have been anodised in silver to tie in with the sage green colour scheme.

The custom air breather system, an original design, uses a brass bilge pump from the marine world and an air filter backing plate. This makes the bike stand out and works perfectly. The Brass theme continues through to the grips and pegs, from the Italian company, Chops 76. An internal throttle was again used to keep the bike build as clean as possible.

Semaphore indicators which flip out when used, have also been modified to repeatedly flash. The headlight is offset in the front number board and adds to this bike’s originality.

Lowered front and rear suspension, re-built wheels and new rims wrapped with traditional looking Avon tyres, add to the vintage look of this bike. The Brooklands Style rear exhaust muffler on HD headers completes the look.