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Captain America

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The Captain America was one of the first Shaw Speed & Custom builds that wasn’t built for a client and gave Dealer Principle Steven Willis free reign on the design process. The bikes inspiration came from the Speed shop being asked to provide technical support for all the motorcycles on the Latest Captain America blockbuster. The donor bike, a 2009 Fatboy, tied in well with the bikes chosen for the film.

Our team worked tirelessly in North London where certain scenes where filmed with woodland and forest chases, jumps and crashes. Our technicians built and rebuilt the Harley-Davidsons Crossbones which were used numerous times and got a real feel for how much work goes in to producing an epic chase scene.

With the Captain America film still imbedded in the technicians’ minds and a huge Harley-Davidson Custom exhibition in Manchester looming, Shaw Speed & Custom decided a Captain America theme bike was the perfect fit.

The bikes Youtube video now has over 34,000 views and shows the bikes build from start to finish. The video was played at the MOSI Harley-Davidson exhibition in 2011 adding even more interest to the bike that was on view for the complete show.

The bike itself has been purposely battle scarred and the metal finish was something that the team wanted to focus on with satin silvers and matt anodising, also the old parts meet new Faux patina style.